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Global Stationers india strives to make your buying experience simple and straightforward by offering intelligent product choices, top brands, and competitive prices, with the support you demand.

Global Stationers India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in the corporate sector for supplying the stationery, housekeeping materials, corporate gifting & IT consumables in the corporate sectors. We are the whole sellers of HP Tonners & Paper products too.

Our aim is to satisfy the customers with the quality, service & prices too. Our thinking is no order is too small or too big to supply the materials to our clients. We try our best to understand your requirements and supply accordingly.

We assemble the right team for your business, so that you can receive the right product at the right time. Today's business world requires you to balance stability with rapid change. The way we work allows us to help you respond swiftly to the challenges we face.

Our people tackle your issues enthusiastic, helping you achieve your requirements. We act with integrity and have mutual respect in everything we do. We work honestly.Our turn around from confirmed order is 24 working hours and emergency orders can be delivered on the same day. We carry substantial inventory, and the same is tightly controlled with STOCK levels to ensure optimum stock holding to service you, the client.

Global Stationers India Pvt. Ltd. has a policy of selling stationery cheap, not cheap stationery.To this end you will find all the tried & tested brand names on our shelves. We have a goal of offering a one-stop solution to your purchasing needs and to this end our basket of goods consists of:

• General Stationery

• Corporate Gifts

• Office Equipment

• IT Consumables

• Housekeeping Materials

Our range however is only limited by your imagination and all enquires for specials are welcome.If you would like to know more about our company please feel free to Contact Us

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